How can I change something about my order?

If you need to change something about your order, delivery address, size, quantity or something else - just use the Contact Form or e-mail us at help@arsoria.com. To process your request, we need the Order-ID and the purchase e-mail.

To enable us to process your request as soon as possible, please use the following template:

Order-ID: YourOrderID

Purchase E-Mail: your.e-mail@example.com

Hi Arsoria,

I would like to …[briefly describe your issue]


By using this template, we will process your request much faster!


Is international shipping safe?

Yes, it is. All items will be shipped by either USPS, FedEx, DHL or UPS. So far, over 2000 international orders have been delivered without any problems. And your order will also be arrive safely!


Why don't you offer gift wrappings?

As a matter of principle! Nothing is as loveless as a gift wrapped by a machine. Please even if you don’t buy from my shop, stay away from premade gift wrappings. Reason? Gifts are all about showing your love and affection and a premade gift-wrapping show none of this. It's like saying: 'Hey, I had to buy you a present. Here you have it. My duty is done.' Even if you are not good at wrapping gifts, still do it yourself! It will only take 5 minutes but your gift will be much more loving.

Tip: To enhance the effect of your gift-wrapping - take a sheet of white paper and cut out either a heart or a speech bubble shape. Then write with your own hand: 'To My Dear Friend/Wife/Son/Daughter/College [Name of the Receiver] with Love [Your Name]'. Afterwards place it clearly visible on your gift.

With such a lovely wrapping you will definitely create an amazing experience for your loved ones!


I have ordered several items, why do they arrive in separate packages?

This happens due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your ordered products have different production times.
  2. They are produced by different production partners.
  3. The combined items are too heavy for a single parcel.

You will find expected delivery times in the product description under 'Shipping & Delivery Times'.


You are shipping from all over the world, how comes?

When I had the idea for Arsoria, I already knew that my shop had to send gifts all over the world. There are two reasons for that. First, the act of gift-giving is known to all mankind and is surprisingly similar across all cultures. And second, it enables me to offer you the best products from all over the world. You see, there are good reasons to sell internationally.

But if you want to order products made exclusively in your country - just enter 'Ships from X' in the search bar. This way you will only see products that are shipped from your desired country.


Do you still have questions left?

Then contact me via help@arsoria.com! Also, if you have ideas or suggestions for products, please feel free to get in touch with me. I am always pleased to receive feedback from my customers.


Best Wishes

Yours Arsoria