The Secret Power Behind Gift-Giving

Gift-giving is such a fundamental part of our society that we rarely ask ourselves why we actually gift. This blog will explain why we give and teach you about the amazing power behind giving. After reading this page, you will understand why gift-giving is so crucial for building and maintaining relationships and why you definitely should continue to give.

Why We Give

The practice of gift-giving can be traced back to antiquity - records of gift-giving in the ancient city of Babylon proof this. Even some cave drawings describe the act of giving. Furthermore, giving is an essential part of most religions. But why is gift-giving such a fundamental part of human kind? Why do we gift?

Prof. Marcel Mauss, Sociologist and expert in the science of gift-giving, explained the reason behind giving as follows: 'The importance of a gift is usually not the transfer of an object in itself, but the social aspect, especially in terms of obligations, namely to give, to receive, and to reciprocate.' Gift-giving is therefore not about the actual value of the gift itself but about the maintenance and improvement of relationships through obligated reciprocity or to put it in simple terms: what goes around comes around.

Fun fact: Toddlers are quite good at naturally taking advantage of the power of giving. It’s fascinating and quite hilarious, how gifting a seemingly worthless stone is enough for them to turn a fight into a friendship. There is a reason why the Spanish saying "Gifts break stones" was established. A gift has the power to set an anchor for a life-long relationship.

Gifts enable us to start and improve relationships in a simple and natural way. But how does gift-giving actually affect relationships?


The Amazing Power Behind Gift-Giving

The power behind gifts can only be described as absolutely amazing. 'How so?' you may ask. Let's have a look at the positive effects of gift-giving, afterwards you will realize why giving is so powerful.

The most obvious effect of giving, are the many positive feelings you can trigger within the recipient.

Just to name a few:

  • The sense of joy when you are surprised
  • The excitement of unwrapping a gift
  • The gratitude that someone thought of you
  • The warm sense that you are important to someone
  • The wonderful feeling that you are not alone in this world

All the fantastic feelings above and many more can be triggered by simply giving. But did you know that a gift can actually help to improve the life of your loved ones? A bold statement but it’s a true one.

We all have dreams and goals in our lives - some want to exercise regularly, read more books, start their own business and many other things that will finally lead to a fulfilled and happy life. The issue is, old habits are hard to break and establishing new ones is even harder. But how could a gift help to achieve someone’s goals?

Well, a thoughtfully chosen gift, which responds to the dreams and goals of your loved ones, will not only remind them to pursue those goals and dreams but also given them your affirmation to do so. With such a gift, you show that you stand behind their goals. And your loved ones will pursue those more passionate then before, just by knowing you support them. You see, a gift can come a long way.

Giving is just amazing but the best is yet to come.


The Magic of Giving

We already know that receiving a gift creates an obligation to repay it. However, the monetary value of the gift is less important. What counts is the emotional value the gift had for your loved one. In fact, scientists have found that the person who receives the gift will try to mirror the emotional value of the gift he received. In the end, there is a reason the saying 'give what you want to receive' exists in almost every language.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, every time you give someone a thoughtful gift and trigger the many positive effects we discussed above, you can expect to experience those effects yourself. And exact this magic process will create a wonderful feedback loop of positive feelings and supportive energy, which will lead to a healthy and long-lasting relationship.


Final Words

I hope you now understand the enormous power of giving and why you should definitely continue to do so. A simple gift can positively influence the life of you and your loved ones in many ways and start a wonderful cycle of positive energy.

Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful day!


Best Wishes

Yours Arsoria


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